Magic Bronson - House of Blues, Sunset Strip

Magic Bronson – House of Blues, Sunset Strip

I first heard of the electronic duo who go by the name of Magic Bronson when my friend’s band, Eliquate, opened up for themĀ  down in Hollywood at the Milk Bar. The two times I saw them live, they rocked pretty hard. So when I heard they were playing a show in the Foundation Room at the House of Blues down the street from my house, I grabbed my camera and ran on down. As expected, the Bronsons brought it and the Foundation Room was actually a pretty cool and intimate venue (although the dark red and blue lighting was far from ideal for pictures).

Click the images below for the hi-res versions!Magic BronsonMagic BronsonMagic BronsonMagic BronsonMagic BronsonThe rest of the pictures can be found here!

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