Car Projects

2004 Acura RSX-S

Version II – Desert Sage Metallic

A complete rebuild of the RSX concluded in early 2007, and appeared at different shows across the U.S. – including Puerto Rico – until 2009. The car could not have been completed without the help of its many sponsors, incluidng Bulletproof Automotive, who helped source many of the one-off parts from overseas. Many thanks also goes out to Neil and Gene Tjin of Tjin Edition for all their help with the promotion of the vehicle, and Warren “Fortune” Shim-Quee, who helped finish the car while I was studying abroad. The car was featured in both national print and digital publications, including HCI Magazine and Urban Racer.


2004 Acura RSX-S

Version I – Nighthawk Black Pearl

This was the first version I built of the RSX-S in 2004. This car was sponsored by Cybernation, who at the time became one of the first companies to create a turbo-kit for the Acura RSX-S. This car appeared and placed in different shows across Florida, and was also featured in numerous national print and digital publications, including Modified Magazine and Import Tuner.